The Art of Robot, art book - 2010-2018

$60.00 - $175.00
In 2010, I started drawing robots out of boredom, and 8 years later, I am still drawing and even more amazing, it is still the same "Robot"! Inside this book, you will find over 900 illustrations showcased in the very order I completed them. Some of the paintings contained in this book have NEVER been printed!

About the book:

  • Hardbound
  • 322 Pages
  • 8" x "8"
  • 100lb Silk Interior Pages

About the Options

  • Book + Limited Edition - This special print, will be limited to just 30 and will be signed and hand numbered.

  • Book+Mini Painting - Each book will come with its own, small, one of a kind painting.

  • Book+Mini Painting +Limited Edition Print - All of the above!

  • Book+Collector Case + Mini Painting - To celebrate 10 years of doing robots (I know I cannot believe it either, I am having custom cases made by my good buddy Birch Robot (who also did my clocks), these cases will be laser cut and engraved with a special 10 year anniversary logo emblazoned on the outside, also included will be a mini painting which measures 6”x6” with the actual image size at 5”x5”—

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